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Wolfgang Puck

The original celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck needed a campaign that reminded Las Vegas visitors that his restaurants were still hip and desirable destinations. These ads have a little fun suggesting that everyone is doing the Wolf.

United Aqua Group

Launched over 50 years ago by a small group of luxury pool builders, UAG has grown into a multi-million dollar company comprised of commercial and residential builders, pool retailers and service professionals. I was tasked with evolving the corporate brand for the next 50 years of growth. I created a new lead generation website to attract new members, and a print campaign, as well as a number of collateral pieces. The video below was developed to introduce the new brand to the company shareholders at the annual conference, the theme of which was “Spark.” The collateral pieces and ads that follow branded UAG as a modern, forward-thinking company.

Crystal Geyser Water

The budget was miniscule. The challenge: to give Crystal Geyser a personality, was huge. I called up a friend with the biggest personality I knew. Hired him to be “The Water Guy.” Myself and a tiny crew ran around San Francisco filming our new spokesman and his homemade water pack as he introduced Crystal Geyser to random people. Crystal Geyser sales rocketed. And my friend became a neighborhood celeb–and the currently stars as Big Baby in Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere.


United Aqua Group’s retail brand, AquaValue, was in deep need of an overhaul. My challenge was to carve a unique brand space within the already crowded pool store market. We wanted to position the brand as the local experts, a store you could count on for advice and repairs as well as products. And that’s how I created our affable, but clueless pool guy. I wrote the scripts and produced the spots. Then I built a website to help consumers find their local AquaValue store. I’m pretty handy with WordPress.

Nevada Cancer Institute

A private venture to offer Nevadans a state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer treatment center close to home, NCI offered a simple message: hope thrives in the desert. The spots below, both of which I wrote and were created on a limited budget, ran in Las Vegas and offered a conceptual departure from your typical cancer center ad.

Montbleu Resort and Casino

When Montbleu bought the Caesar’s Casino in Lake Tahoe, they decided to take the resort in a new, more Vegas direction. That meant a hip bar, sleek ultra lounge, and advertising that conveyed a youthful, irreverent brand. My art director and I played up the juxtaposition between nightlife and wildlife. A few days after our spot aired, life imitated art: an actual bear ventured into the parking lot.


This Russian lobby bar inside the Bellagio was getting eclipsed by the newer, hipper Red Square at Mandalay. The campaign below, which I created and wrote, championed Pertrossian’s position as the old guard, reminding folks this is where you savor the real Russia.