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Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

OH Partners called needing help with their pitch for Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. How could I say no? I worked with their team to develop two conceptual directions for Virgin’s new Las Vegas venture. My ideas and writing helped OH win the business, and I got called back to help with the teaser campaign. For the latter, I suggested a website:, to create anticipation for the grand opening. Unfortunately, just as the teaser campaign hit the streets, the pandemic put an end to the launch campaign before it could be developed.

Exotics Racing

Here’s an outfit that’ll put you in a Lamborghini and tell you to floor it. Their challenge: consumers didn’t realize they could actually drive the cars. More than one in fact. For multiple laps around a custom track. We developed billboards that ran along the highway near the Las Vegas Speedway, as well print ads for car enthusiast magazines. As to be expected, a test drive was critical to the creative process.