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Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

OH Partners called needing help with their pitch for Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. How could I say no? I worked with their team to develop two conceptual directions for Virgin’s new Las Vegas venture. My ideas and writing helped OH win the business, and I got called back to help with the teaser campaign. For the latter, I suggested a website:, to create anticipation for the grand opening. Unfortunately, just as the teaser campaign hit the streets, the pandemic put an end to the launch campaign before it could be developed.


Penn & Teller

The bad boys of magic reached out to Caesars’ in-house ad agency for their post-pandemic brand campaign. In their tradition of relying on conceptual imagery centered on macabre humor, we brainstormed a number of scenarios. We offer two dozen concepts. The hardest part was whittling those down to a lucky five for executing.


In a city with four spas per block, differentiating oneself from the competition isn’t easy. Fortunately, Vdara has a key advantage: it’s intimate size. The photography and copy capture this intimacy, delivering a sense of authentic serenity that’s absent from most spa advertising.

Wolfgang Puck

The original celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, needed a campaign that reminded Las Vegas visitors that his restaurants were still hip and desirable destinations. These ads have a little fun suggesting that everyone is doing the Wolf.

Five 50 Pizza

The infamous Five50 pizza joint hired my agency to develop a campaign as hot as its ovens. We launched the following print, outdoor and email campaign to rally Vegas to drop in for a slice. Needless to say, it worked.

Jack Binion’s Steak

There’s a steakhouse on every corner in Las Vegas. Differentiating between them is the ultimate challenge. Fortunately, with Jack Binion’s, we had the pioneering casino mogul’s legacy to leverage-including his founding of the World Series of Poker. I dug into his history, discovered his family owned a ranch near Reno and, suddenly, Jack came to life. I also sourced these images and wrote the lines. This campaign melds Jack’s history into a brand story that transforms the mere ordering of a steak into a cowboy code of honor.


The shops at City Center in Las Vegas are some of the most exclusive flagships in the world. Think Prada, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and the like. The uber nature of these boutiques can be a little intimidating. So I created a campaign that lent some whimsy to the art of luxury consumerism.

Exotics Racing

Here’s an outfit that’ll put you in a Lamborghini and tell you to floor it. Their challenge: consumers didn’t realize they could actually drive the cars. More than one in fact. For multiple laps around a custom track. We developed billboards that ran along the highway near the Las Vegas Speedway, as well print ads for car enthusiast magazines. As to be expected, a test drive was critical to the creative process.

Montage Resorts

With resorts in Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills, and plans for more, the company needed a corporate campaign that embodied the casual elegance and intimate nature of its properties. I’d been part of the launch branding team for both properties. Creating a voice and aesthetic for the corporate entity that was separate than, but also encompassed both proved an intriguing challenge. Ultimately we chose a minimalist, highly evocative approach that relied on simple copy and classic images to convey the essence of the Montage brand.

El Encanto

We were tasked with launching the revival of Santa Barbara’s famous El Encanto hotel, which Orient-Express had purchased and chosen to restore to its former 1930s glory. With its private villas and proximity to LA, El Encanto had always been known as a destination where Hollywood’s rich and famous could relax away from the cameras. Our “Embrace Anonymity” campaign leveraged this history, and won SK+G the Orient Express North American account. I wrote every word. The samples below are from the pitch deck.

You know who you are.

You’re the kind that loves to steal away. Start the weekend on Thursdays. In the morning. You have no problem saying: Hold my calls. Or popping up the coast to feel the sun from a new angle.

You don’t bother with luggage. Or plans.

You respect that leisuring under deep cover is a distinct art form. And you, in your linen shirts and dark sunglasses, are one of its most ardent practitioners.
We are here to assist you in all your anonymous pursuits.


It’s Villa 320. That’s the Presidential Suite. Where you’ll steal away. Remove the cell from your ear and bring a cocktail to your lips. Hear the trees rustling. See the ocean spread out below you. Ask your man to send over a cappuccino and handmade pastries. Sink your teeth into flaky crusts. And taste the sweet life.


Unlike the genie in the Aladdin’s lamp, your personal concierge grants unlimited wishes. A midnight candlelight dinner for two? Why not. A round of mango gelato for your cabana? Already on its way. A Swedish massage? How does noon sound? Whatever your leisuring heart desires, your concierge delivers with a quick snap of his fingers.


The melding of great minds works best when you retreat together to a quiet lair with a cup of foamy delight in your hand and the horizon within your reach. For the former we have a masterful kitchen staff. For the latter we provide ocean view boardrooms overlooking islands you may wish to conquer. So gather your thinkers, disperse the dossiers, and strategize away.


There is no time to lose. Only time to gain. Swing up to our bluff and ensconce yourself in a posh villa. Ask your concierge to bring around a cheese plate. And a cabernet. From Napa. Preferably ‘97. And a little chocolate something the chef whipped up. We would expect nothing less from a connoisseur of anonymity like you.