I’ve learned the difference between a nine iron and a wood. Drank wine that tasted little better than transmission fluid. Found out there’s such a thing as upscale haggis. I’ve talked to people dying of cancer. I’ve talked to people surviving cancer. I’ve discovered that Americans have the worst cell phone technology on the planet. I’ve seen the largest mound of bird droppings ever. I’ve caressed linens that cost more than my car. I’ve even learned the dying art of sock puppetry.

All this in the name of good advertising.

It’s a pretty great gig.


Twenty years of advertising experience packaged inside a five-foot-five frame, I began my career as a copywriter at Arnold Worldwide/San Francisco where I built brands for Crystal Geyser Water, Macy’s, and Qualcomm. I consider myself a storyteller: behind every ad, brochure and commercial there’s a well-crafted tale designed to pull the heartstrings or scratch the funny bone of targeted consumers. After the dot com fallout, I moved to Las Vegas and joined SK+G. There I wove stories for luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and healthcare companies. Clients have included Montage Resort & Spa, The Greenbrier, Nevada Cancer Institute and Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. Several pieces have been honored by Addys, Creativity, Adweek and US Ad Review. There was also one avid fan who stole one of my posters from the bathroom wall of Nine Fine Irishmen.

I founded Chaffin Creative in 2009 and ran my one-woman agency for three years before returning to SK+G as a GCD in the spring of 2012. A year later, I left to open an in-house agency for United Aqua Group. I hired all staff, set up processes and, since budgets were tight, I learned to design WordPress sites, edit videos and animate type. In 2017, I grew Chaffin Creative into my full-time gig, working with clients such as OH Partners, Overstock and Wynn. I am currently Co-Creative Director of Caesars Entertainment’s in-house ad agency. I oversee creative for over 50 destinations and guide a team of over 50 writers, designers and production artists.

When I’m not building brands, I’m still crafting stories. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and have published several short stories in prominent literary magazines. In 2014, I was one of two Nevada writers chosen to receive a Literary Fellowship from the Nevada Arts Council.

And, like every true writer, I’m also at work on the next great American novel.